Frequently Asked Questions


How are these different than decals my local sign shop can make me?

Our proprietary material, standardized design, advanced service offerings, and expertise set us apart from the competition.

are wayfinder™ Labels installed on the interior or exterior of windows and doors?

Our proprietary material was developed to allow our labels to be mounted on the inside of the windows. We have the only reflective material on the market that can do this! However, we can rearrange the layers of our material to make labels for exterior installation as well (this is typical for exit door labels).

How can my institution afford WAYFINDER™?

If our competitive prices aren’t enough, we do have some options to help. Contact us and ask about our financing options. We also have a page dedicated to school safety related grants and grant writing resources which is updated quarterly. Check out our Resources tab.

How much does WAYFINDER™ cost?

Because each installation is custom, we ask that you contact us for a quote. Don’t worry, your bespoke installation doesn’t come with a bespoke price tag! Many installations cost less

We’re far away from Philadelphia. Can you still install WAYFINDER™ for us?

Yes! We have nationwide installation options available.