WAYFINDER™ Reflective Numerals are highly visible. They are the only interior-mount reflective decals on the market.High-intensity Prismatic film is used to increase visibility and durability, ensuring proper exterior wayfinding for your building for years to come. Reflective Numerals are highly versatile and can be installed in a myriad of configurations. They are the perfect option for budget-minded institutions.

guaranteed to last

Taking into account the principles of Environmental Graphic Design, which blends elements of interior, architectural, and wayfinding/navigational design, we have optimized the WAYFINDER™ Safety System to best serve the functional needs of first responders and the aesthetic needs of the customer

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Customized for your needs

Our WAYFINDER™ reflective numerals can be cut in 8in, 10in, and 12in, fitting most windows and providing visibility up to 500 feet! Larger/smaller sizes available and quoted upon request.

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We utilize distinctly visible window labels made from advanced proprietary materials to help first responders navigate the exterior of any sized school or high-occupancy building during an emergency. Our competitors can’t say that.