Can first responders find you when every second counts ™?

Labeling classroom windows, stairwells, and exit doors helps first responders to navigate the building, plan ahead, and make key decisions before entering the building. Location is the single most important piece of information that emergency response personnel need to know. Proper labeling and wayfinding speed operations overall.


First responders and school safety professionals agree that numbering classroom windows is a necessary and cost-effective safety improvement. See what they are saying:


Following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, an advisory commission recommended the installation of labels for identifying exterior windows and doors:

  • “Each classroom having exterior windows shall have the classroom number affixed to the upper right hand corner of the first and last window of the corresponding classroom. The numbers shall be reflective, with contrasting background and shall be readable from the ground plain at a minimum distance of 50ft.”

  • “All exterior doors that allow access to the interior of the school shall be numbered in sequential order in a clockwise manner starting with the main entrance. All numbers shall be visible from the street or closest point of entry/egress, contrast with its background and be retro-reflective.”

Source: (Sandy Hook After Action Committee Report)

WAYFINDER™ assures a worthwhile investment for schools with a reasonable price and maximum effectiveness that first responders need:

“Low-Cost, No-Cost Enhancements… all physical security enhancements come with a big price tag. Security consultants provided the NJSBA Task Force with a list of maintenance and preventative measures. Those cited by Mr.Hopkins include the following:

  • Number doors and rooms so that emergency responders can locate rooms quickly

  • Label room numbers on the exterior so emergency responders can locate them

  • Ensure that emergency evacuation maps are current”

Source: (New Jersey School Boards Association School Safety Guidelines)

  • “Moderately costly (e.g., adding numbering to all interior and exterior doors)… Display classroom number on windows so they are readily visible from the street”

Source: (US Dept of Education - Classroom Numbering Recommendation)

  • “Ensure all campus buildings are clearly marked with easily identifiable markings known to first responders. Mark first floor classroom windows so first responders can identify classrooms from the exterior. Building numbers should also be on the roof for aerial support.”

Source: (Window Marking Guidelines from Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS)


The WAYFINDER™ Safety System was devloped in response to these guidelines, and remains as the only wayfinding solution on the market which meets and exceeds these guidelines.